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Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors


This year’s slogan encapsulates what we as a group have to achieve this year in the two days we have. A few months ago, I was asked this single question, “What is your goal in this event?” If I am being honest, I did not know how to respond to the question. So, I reflected on my past experiences in MUN to find the answer. .


I have been part of this amazing club for 6 years now and have always been enthusiastic about the debates, but to my surprise, I had never returned to those topics after the events to see how the issue was being treated. I wanted to change this, I wanted to make an event where delegates returned to their homes after our event and investigated the topic even more. I wanted the solutions delegates propose during the event to become real. So, in our planning, that lasted a really long time, we put our focus on three keywords: new, now, real..


I am proud to say that this year, we have committees that fit all our keywords. We have new topics that you have never seen before, issues that are happening now, and those that are real in our present world. For the first time in Union & Peace, we have a French committee, and you may have already seen in the committee's list that we also have a bilingual committee for Korean speakers. We wanted to make a place where delegates from different countries around the world could debate about their country in their language. Obviously, we were limited to the number of languages we could provide, but we are hopeful this will open a new perspective. Our event hosts four different languages: Spanish, English, French, and Korean.




Yeryeong Hong,

Secretary-General, Union and Peace XIV

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